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    Welcome to Body Consciousness!

    Founded by Jules O’Neill, Body Consciousness is a unique system designed to accurately read the energy as to what is happening behind the scenes in your reality.  YOUR reality, YOUR life, is a product and outcome as to what is going on inside you; ONLY AWAYS !! Body Consciousness will show YOU how amazing you really are !!  You will see that your mind is a tool to create and learn to use it for that.  You will see that your body can offer you and is capable of so much !!  In fact;  more than you can imagine;  to support your journey on earth as one you LOVE !!   YOU will also learn how to understand and follow the flow of energy and the importance of that flow !!  We invite you to take a look at what is possible !!  WELCOME !!

    ody Consciousness is a Energy Healing modality trademarked and designed by Jules O’Neill.  Body Consciousness is a unique system designed to accruately gather the necessary awareness to unlock the energy blocks in your body.  It lets YOU know what is happening behind the scenes in your reality.  Your reality is a product and outcome to what is going on inside you; ONLY ALWAYS and IN ALL WAYS!!!

    Your body the ablitiy to create ANY possibility YOU choose.  YOU have all that you need to give you answers and directions, or you can find them, to create the most amazing, fun, warm and abundant life of whatever you choose.  Your body gives a point of view from a lateral sense. 

    What is a lateral sense you ask?

    Imagine if you had to describe what earth looked like.  If you look down from outer space you can see that our earth is round, has oceans, mountains, clouds etc.  This is viewing earth laterally.  However , if you look at earth from a liner point of view, you can only really describe what your senses around you see and interperate at the time.  When looking at something laterally v’s liner, you get a much wider sense of what you are dealing with.  Therefore you make better and clearer choices for yourself.  Choices that are inline with what you love and desire!  Choices that are not driven from old patterns and programs that really don’t work for you anymore.  When you are free to make choices from a lateral sense you follow a natural flow of energy,  that is perfect for YOU and that is great for everyone else around you too.  You will create an experience of life you love.

    People are forever making choices based on a liner point of view.  Just on what they think rather than using the consciousness of their body.  YOUR body’s consciousness takes into account ALL your senses, including your intuition.  These choices are often make our of fear, old subconscious patterns and programes,  what others will think or approve of,  what is “right” rather than feels “light” or “up lifting”;  what should happen rather than what they would love to have happen.  Quite simply, this way of operating can create life to be boring, dull, one of sickness, lack of energy, no money, unhappy body image, avoiding company rather than loving the people around you, complaining about your life rather than inspiring others with who you are. 

    When you tune into reading the consciousness of your body and its point of view,  you begin to follow your natural flow.  Life will start to be exciting, full of miracles, love and abundance.  You begin to feel part of this amazing planet, rather than a slave of victim of it.  You see yourself as a creator and start to enjoy the things you love.  Life will give you vitality,  support and warmth, just for being YOU!  In fact , you become so full it is no effort to give to those around you. 

    In a nut shell, if you desire to move forward, expand and enjoy life more than you can imagine,  Body Consciousness can assist in just that!!!

    If you desire to make great choices for yourself that guarantee favourable and pleasurable long term outcomes for YOU, you need to look inside and get a wider (lateral) view of what is going on behind the scenes.  Body Consciousness can assist in just that!!!

    If you desire to live a full,  healthy, abundant, energic and fun life you need to know who YOU are and your best environment for you to thrive.  You need to know YOU as an energy, as a soul,  not a porduct of your past patterns and programs, your nuerology.  Body Consciousness can assist in just that!!!

    We love to chat and have so much to say on inspiring you to live and enjoy life simply each and every day, happily.  So if you would love to hear more or ask questions, than call us on (07) 5440 5711 or 0449 220 855.  website

     The Women’s Wisdom System

    Never again will you need to question “why” or “what” is in your way, or doubt the best direction for you to move forward.  Women’s Wisdom is designed to get you back into what is YOUR natural flow.  This means that life starts to be fun, inspiring, worth being on the planet for and YOU and YOUR body can start to relax.  You will begin to understand how to use your mind as tool to create and YOU WILL ALSO BEGIN TO LOVE WHO YOU ARE!!!!!

    This simple system will help reveal the hidden reasons, blocks, and unnecessary programs that stop you receiving what you want.  The end result from using this system is feeling of complete freedom, acceptance of who you are and others, and balance in all major areas of life.  I have found that most women at times can suffer silently (or not so silently) from some sort of emotional upset.  Be it; fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, depression, worry or burn – out at some, or; lots of times in their lives.

    These undesired emotions can and do negatively influence your health, your well being and vitality when they don’t resolve normally.  When our bodies fail to “let go” or become aware of what was triggered at the time, it can short circuit our nervous system.  This affects our beliefs, our behaviors, our hormones, and energy levels.  If left long enough; our physical body can be affected.  Examples of this may be; aches/pains, excess weight, skin disorders, allergies, lumps, premature aging, hormone inbalances, lack of energy etc.

    All of these issues and unwanted symptoms get in the way of creating and receiving what we what we want.  Modern medicine deals with the symptoms in many ways.  However, unless the cause or stress that is in our energy field and bodies is dealt with, the symptoms usually come back or manifest as something else.  For example, a head ache or depression.   The underlying pattern/program or unwanted emotions needs to be understood and brought to awareness, then lasting healing and letting go can take place.  YOUR body will start to feel light.   Bodies LOVE LOVE LOVE feeling light!!!

    Another way these unwanted patterns and programs can affect us is through our reactions.  Especially the ones we can’t control.  Take a personal relationship for example, something may trigger one of you and all of a sudden there is a full blown emotional outburst of blame, wrath, hatred and I can’t stand you anymore expressions.  Then an hour or two later you reflect on your behavior and say, “how did that happen” or “I wish I said or acted a different way”.  The big thing to take note of here is;  that is not YOU.  YOU are an amazing person, capable of more love and joy than you can imagine!!  You would never act that way consciously.  That was a program or pattern that has probably been running and causing destruction for years.  These patterns and programs, once triggered are sometimes impossible to stop; unless you become aware of exactly what they are and where they come from.  Then, just like a plant-the old leaf or branch will die off and a new positive, fun, and light one begins to grow.  AND it is that easy once you get how to use the system. 

    Women’s Wisdom will show you to become completely aware of what is really your issue.  YOU will start seeing beyond the illusion to what is real.  The end result is the pattern or program cease to exist, along with any associated symptoms.  In the above example you would have the emotional strength not to react that way, even if triggered.  In fact you would naturally, if needed, express yourself clearly, calmly and with love.  For some women, my self included, this is pure bliss.  Not only do you feel good about how you express rather then react, but the desired out come is achieved or at least a resolution and peace is found within yourself.   This alone is a great recipe for lasting, full filling enjoyable relationships.