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    Creating A Life YOU Love!

     Asking for what you desire…

     So many times you will hear people continually saying what they do not want rather than what they desire.   They will often mention what they cannot have or do, because of money, time, children, husbands, wives, aging parents, lack of energy etc.  There seems to always be an excuse.  Unfortunately with this story there always will be too. 

     If you are aiming to create a life you love the first thing you must do is be honest and upfront in what it is that YOU truly desire.  This desire needs to be based on what makes you heart sing, your mouth smile warmly, your eyes open wide and your body feel light.  Even if it’s phenomenally different to what society says, your parents say or even your friends say.

     You see, every ‘body’ around us is a transmitter to the universe.  Each ‘body’ is capable of sending out signals to the furthest corners of the galaxy, and beyond.  It is much more powerful to use bodies and authentic communication when talking to the universe.  This action creates a strong frequency.  No matter what it is, or even how impossible it may seem at the time to create.  Even if the person you are communicating to is disagreeing with you, feels uncomfortable with your request or has no idea how it can be created; the ‘consciousness’ of their body knows.  The ‘consciousness’ of their body will assist you.  It’s just how it is.  Just like the sun will know how to open a flower, or the roots of a tree know how to take in nutrients from the soil, a ‘body’ will know how to transmit a frequency all through the universe when another ‘body’ is expressing its hearts desires.

     Most of us fear being authentic and opening up because of judgments, lack of support, missing out, it has not worked out in the past, hanging on to things from the past or not believing it is possible to create.  However as any ‘uber’ creator knows, anything is possible in this universe, all possibilities exist and the ones that come from out heart are actually the easiest to create. 

    How does it work?

     It is so simple! It can be likened to this image.  Imagine you are standing up on a stage and that you have a magic microphone in your hands.  No matter what it is you wish to create you feel free and motivated to express it.  Perhaps you’re looking to buy a new car, or to go on a family holiday to a fabulous beach location.  Perhaps you are looking for a partner to share a journey with, or you need help in parenting one of your children.  It could be that you desire a staff member to do exactly what you need, even if they cannot see how it can be done.  It could be something like saying to a partner that you need more warmth and tenderness in your lovemaking or that you desire to feel inspired by what they do and say.  As soon as you speak to this magic microphone, the desire goes straight in and then transforms into a frequency that travels through galaxies.  This frequency touches everything throughout the galaxies that could assist YOU in receiving what you asked for.  EVERYTHING!   When the frequency touches the people, things, places, situations, etc, that can assist you, an energetic link forms and starts to find YOU.  This is how synchronicities occur, so called coincidences are experienced, being in the right place at the right time happens, a TV show or book pops up and gives you the necessary knowledge and direction, etc.  In time, your desired creation finds YOU.  Thanks to that magic microphone and our abundant universe.

     So what are the top 5 things to remember in creating what you desire…

     Be real and true to what you desire from you hearts point of view

    1. Believe anything is possible and you can create it
    2. Open up and begin sharing this with others
    3. Do not let the judgment or opinions of others influence you
    4. Trust that the universe will only always support you in ALL WAYS

      How does the Body Consciousness system help you create… EASY!  Once you know how to use the system you can ask your body what your heart desires are and receive answers.  You can check in with your body if what you think is a heart desire, actually is one that is easy for you to begin to create.  The system can accurately identify if you have a block, or someone else is blocking your planned creation, AND clear that block too.

     For more information on the Body Consciousness System and how you can learn it… pls visit our website on


    Written by Jules O’Neill