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  • The Art of Public Speaking- Carren Smith

    Public speaking.  It strikes terror in the hearts of many and in numerous surveys has ranked higher than death as one of our greatest fears!  Whilst for some the thought of speaking in front of a group can make their palms start to sweat and their heart skip a beat, public speaking can be a fantastic communication skill and if done correctly, can be an effective and powerful way for Small Business Owners to get their message out to clients and most importantly, more confident in their day to day communication.

    Public speaking is more than speaking on a stage in front of an audience and more than a speech at your best friends wedding.  Imagine having the confidence and clarity in your message when speaking to your staff, your colleagues, your clients. The measureable outcomes include increased productivity, performance, profitability, sustainability and of course passion which are all crucial components of a successful business strategy.  So when you look at public speaking like that, sounds like a fear worth conquering doesn’t it?

    The methods for being an effective public speaker are the same for someone presenting to a stadium of people as they are for a boardroom of people.  Below are my top tips on MASTERING the art of public speaking:

    Know your Audience : Before any presentation, identify the unique needs of your listeners so you can tailor your message specifically to them. 

    Get Real : Don’t just pretend to understand what your listeners wants, understand why.  Being genuine and real in your presentation is even more important than its content and will see you win time and time again.

    Make a Connection : Work with your listeners.  Build a bond and form trust.  Speak their language and know what wakes them up at night. Make sure they know you ‘see’ them and that you ‘get’ them.

    Tell the truth: Speak your truth!  This will make your relationships stronger and your message more potent once it is understood that what you have to say (even the bad stuff) is authentic and congruent.

    And lastly practice, practice, practice!

    Your ability to communicate your message, yourself and your value to the market is one of the greatest assets that you can possess.  Learning to be authentic, credible and at ease in front of an audience large or small is a vital component of a marketing strategy ensuring long term relationships, niche communication and extraordinary results. 

    In Small Business in particular, your ability to be authentic in your communication can be your most valuable tool and will keep your customers returning.  Exceptional presentation and speaking skills are your number one asset when it comes to obtaining a competitive edge in today’s economy.  You’ll be certain to stand out from the crowd, with strategies developed that influence attitudes and outcomes while creating profitability and increased market share!

    It’s time to step outside your comfort zone and find your voice, I dare you! See Carren in Action at NetConnect Business Seminar Brisbane 8th March

    Carren Smith is the CEO of Quantum Leadership Group and founder of the Speakers Fast-Trak Seminar Series. In just 5 years, Carren has delivered over 700 professional presentations and helps people transform their lives through self-expression, leadership, responsibility and expansion. (07) 5309 5200