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    What makes this network different?

    We network with heart. We share our stories with each other, we listen to the stories of others and we understand that it is through supporting and promoting others that we all win.

    I am passionate about supporting and assisting women to become empowered, inspired, motivated and successful through effective networking and am blessed with the connections I have made through this network, both professionally and personally.

    click here for a live radio interview with 101.3

    Why Network?

    Women love to connect with other women.  Women understand the importance of genuine connections in building relationships that lead to stronger business interactions. Networking events offer the opportunity to connect with others and learn how others are doing business and to promote your own business.

    I notice this Network is for Women, what plans do you have to introduce events that males can be involved with?

    In 2011 this Network will expand and offer a variety of different event, including some that will cater for both genders.  Natalie is currently negotiating with some leading business men in this community to create an effective networking environment that will meet the networking needs of business men. Watch this space!

    What is different about EGBN?

    At Enlightened Goddesses our mission is to support and promote you and your business. We will do this via our website directory, social media and at live events. At every Enlightened Goddesses event you will feel a welcome, valued and important member of our network.

    How long is my Membersship Valid for and how do I renew?

    Your membership is valued for 12 months and to make it easy to remember when to renew you will receive an email with further instructions.  We value your business.

    Can I update and edit my membership details on the website?

    Yes, this website is totally member managed. That means you can load and edit any photos, logos, bio, testimonials and events yourself at any time. You can also contribute to the blog and load items for sale on the shop and upload business advertising.  Simply log in go to members and click on the link that you wish to update.

    Can I bring business cards and flyers to the events?

    Of course! Networking is about sharing your unique service and skills with others. Many great business concepts and relationships are born at Enlightened Goddesses Networking Events.

    Do I get the chance to speak at an event?

    For consumers to book your services they need to know who you are and what you do and how you do it differently so at goddesses@lunch events every guest is encouraged to share their 90 second elevator speech with the group. This gives you the opportunity to connect with all present. I understand this is a challenge for some and you will find these networking events the best place to practise gaining that confidence.

    What type of guest speakers will we meet?

    I choose our speakers based on their “realness”.  It is my hope that as each woman speaks we will recognise ourselves in her story and be inspired to stay focused, dedicated and true to our values. Each speaker started out just like you and me, with a passion and desire to make a difference and has met her share of challenges along the way.

    Speakers have included The Art of Public Speaking’s Carren Smith, international nutritional expert Cyndi O’Meara and Like Chocolate for Women authors, Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan, Rachael Bermingham, Annie Infinite, Lisa Murray, Jill Chivers, Liz Hughes, Wendy Rosenfeldt and Shelley Love.

    Meet Jill Chivers our guest speaker from goddesses@brunch on 23rd June

    How can I register my interest to be  guest speaker or sponsor at an event?

    There are many guest speaking and sponsorship opportunities available at Enlightened Goddesses Network events and the NetConnect Seminars. Sponsoring an event gives you access to a new and wider target market. Click here for sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and promoting yourself further through this network click here.

    Do you cater for vegetarians at your events?

    Yes our venues can cater for most diet requirements, please advise your preference upon booking a goddess event.

    Can I advertise on this site without being a member?

    Yes we encourage business owners to take the opportunity to promote their products and services on this site to directly access your target market.

    Can I attend an event without registering as a member?

    Of course, try before you buy. At Enlightened Goddesses we are excited to meet new business owners and encourage new guests at all our events.

    Here is a little snap shot of what we can expect from some of our more vivacious guests

    What are the benefits of becoming a member of this network”

    Being part of a community that supports and encourages is rare and unique. Within this network you will feel “safe to share” you will believe that no idea is silly and will find all the support and ideas to make your business a success. Every member of this network is willing and committed to sharing their knowledge and skills to help your business grow. Sounds a little unreal perhaps? Well it is the truth, join us at an event and discover for yourself why this network is the most talked about network on the coast. For full membership benefits click here

    What is the “GoddessNetConnect Seminar” and how is it different to goddesses@lunch?

    The NetConnect Seminars are a unique way to blend education and networking.

    The NetConnect seminar is for women who are serious about taking their business to a level beyond their imagination. At the NetConnect seminar you will discover the absolute essentials required to propel your business further.

    You will learn up to date business tools and strategies from qualified motivational speakers, discover how effective networking can improve your business sales. Whether you are new to business, about to start, reinventing or growing your business, this seminar will give you the answers you are looking for to create business success and satisfaction.

    You will also receive Goddess gift bag, glass bubbles, prizes and a delicious meal. Click here for full details.

    Check out what happens at at a NetConnect seminar

    Do you only hold lunches? Will you be hosting goddesses@lunch events in other areas other than the Sunshine Coast?

    The Enlightened Goddesses Business Network, will grow to include more networking functions including brunches, evening events, signature events and goddesses@play.


    If you are interested in a franchise or hostess opportunity click here.