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    Contact:Nadine Hoffman
    Phone:07 54482268
    Category(s): Health and Beauty, Health and Nutrition, Health and wellbeing
    Biography:Lean Mumma Peregian Coolum is part of the \"Lean Mumma Movement\" to empower mothers globally to positively change the world through knowing and sharing the benefits of optimsed physical, mental and spiritual health.

    Lean Mumma is a training system created specifically for a woman’s body after childbirth. No other program so clearly outlines the phases that need to be completed to rebuild and transform a mother’s body. It correctly heals and strengthens a mother’s body from the inside out. If a program does not first address the need to heal and rebuild the abdominals after childbirth, all subsequent exercise will potentially harm the body with results proving temporary and limited.

    Lean Mumma Peregian Coolum is part of a Sisterhood which offers face-to-face small group training (with childminding available for some classes) and is a proven, progressive and comprehensive post-pregnancy program. It is suitable for all new mothers and not-so-new mothers. It is more than just an exercise program. It is a way of living that positively enhances all aspects of a mother’s body, her health and her life.

    Unfortunately while other programs so often focus only on the scales and judge success (or failure) by weight in kilos or size in cms, Lean Mumma Peregian Coolum is concerned about whether a mothers body is well aligned, strong, has integrity and functional strength and that she is strengthening and broadening her mindset and emotional wellbeing.

    Newcomer to the Sunshine Coast and Owner of Lean Mumma Peregian Coolum and Pure Energy Training Zone, Nadine Hoffman has over 20 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry.

    Nadine has worked with children and adults of all abilities including those with physical disabilities, 2 years with a super league football team and spent 6 months coordinating indigenous youths in remote WA. In 2005 the fitness centre she was managing received a Top Ten Australian Fitness Facility of the Year.

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