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    Contact:Tascia Mare
    Category(s): Accessing Universal Intellligence, Goddess, Intuitive Personal Development, Intuitive Soul Healing, Life Coach, Psychic and Medium, Workshop Facilitator
    Biography:Ready 4 Life\'s mission is to assist children and women in developing their inner strength to conquer life’s challenges and live their lives with purpose and direction. Ready 4 Life programs support children and women in strengthening their self-esteem and self-confidence, whilst developing self-awareness, mental and inner strength. Our inspiring and uplifting programs help strengthen your body, your mind and your connection to your Inner Wisdom.

    These programs are designed to help children and women:
    - Find motivation, purpose in life and a deep sense of self-love
    - Navigate through and conquer life’s challenges (incl. bullying at school or in the workplace)
    - Live without losing their own individuality and personal path in life
    - Find balance across all areas of life
    - Ground their body, centre their power and focus their mind
    - Develop body awareness, emotional awareness and self-awareness
    - Enhance verbal and non-verbal communication, including body language, personal boundaries and intuition
    - Apply the Rock and Water concept across all areas of life by choosing between the tough, immovable ‘Rock’ attitude and the mobile, communicative ‘Water’ attitude
    - Listen to and trust their intuition to guide them, make empowering decisions and live an inspired life

    Ready 4 Life programs incorporate Rock and Water psycho-physical training which assists in developing inner strength and character, as well as communication and solidarity. Rock and Water covers principles that promote self-confidence and communication skills, as well as finding balance between empathy and living together without losing your identity and personal path in life. It is centred around three themes - grounding your body, centering your power and focussing your mind – all through fun physical activities and exercises.

    Intuitive Mentoring / Coaching
    The programs are facilitated by Tascia Maré, a registered Primary school teacher, an accredited Rock and Water trainer and a licensed Ui Mentor (Universal Intelligence). Tascia will connect with your Inner Wisdom (True Self, Inner Self, Higher Self) so you can gain clear direction and guidance across all areas of life, including life purpose, relationships, health, finances, children and family, spiritual growth, personal development, business and career.
    Special Offer:Mention Enlightened Goddesses Business Network and get 3 hours intuitive mentoring for the price of 2 hours.

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