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    Contact:Rosemary O\'Brien
    Category(s): Life Coach
    Biography:Congratulations and welcome
    “It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed” Wayne Dyer
    “Do you long to live an empowered Life of total serenity?
    Hi, my name is Rosemary and I am Universal Laws and Life Balance Coach and facilitator for the Wish, an amazing new energy game assisting thousands around the world manifest their greatest wishes in all areas of their life.
    I have been nursing for over 30 years and in the last few years have found another passion which is about personal growth and development.
    I am enjoying working with so many people all around the world. Becoming a Life Coach has enabled me to grow personally and given me practical tools to show you how you too can unlock your power within and BE, Do and Have all you desire in Life.
    The quality of the life we live revolves around how we communicate with ourselves and others. My understanding of this came when I was given a book by a very dear friend who has supported me to find myself again and through the journey gaining the strength to do it. The book I was given is called “You Can Heal Your Life “by Louise Hay. An amazing woman, who has helped millions of men and women to understand how simple it is to love yourself, it is what we do to ourselves that is hard.
    I now live a abundance life ,it wasn’t till in my late 40’s that I discovered my true life purpose in what I wanted to do. It has been a challenging journey of learning through my own experiences and choices and I am so very grateful for my journey as it has brought me where I am today.
    I will share some of my story briefly. This is not about blaming anyone. Eldest of 5, hard working parents, struggling with their business, bankruptcy, Loss of my brother age 15.
    Surrounded by Alcohol and gambling addictions- through family and partners. Parents divorced when I was 17.
    I was always shy, quiet and lack confidence. I went off to do nursing and struggled through my training due to lack of confidence and self-esteem and living away from home.
    I then lost another brother through suicide.
    Fell pregnant (single mum), was bullied at work by some friends and colleagues.
    20 year marriage ended, lost everything and had to start and rebuild my life both emotionally, physically and financially. Went into another relationship where my partner was an alcoholic, he was suffering with his own insecurity and jealousy and so started the mental abuse. I lost all confidence, self worth and self-esteem.
    I continued to struggle in so many ways, with who I was and what my life was meant to be. .Once again, I lost everything, financially as well and now starting to rebuild my life again.Slow learner.
    This is when I decided to stop and take a good look at what I was attracting into my life.
    *What was I focusing on?
    *What was my sell talk?
    *What did I want in my Life?
    *Did I value who I was?
    *How could I change and be my authentic self. So I took action and left this relationship and started to rebuild my life and began to really find out who I was. Over the next year I started to learn how to forgive myself and love myself unconditionally. The next big step was to forgive my partners so I could continue on my journey and grow both spiritually and personally in all ways. I did and they continue on their own path of finding out about themselves.
    In the last 4 years I ve been working on my own personal growth.
    • * Coaching Institute in Melbourne to do my Certificate IV in life Coaching, completing it in February 2010.
    • * NLP Coaching institute Melbourne
    • * “Heal Your life” Certified Leader for Louise Hays workshops.Oct 2010
    • * Joanne Martins shift Speakers training - Presentations Profits intensive course.
    • * Brisbane Shentrepreneur Expert Mentoring Program 2011
    • * WISH Facilitator October 2011 – trained by Louise Laffey
    • * Inspired spirit Life Coach – Academy in Brisbane-Sandy Foster
    • * Numbers and Colours - with Chris Brazel 2012
    My commitment and training has proven to me that I am on the right track and I am now ready to share my experience and knowledge through my coaching practice \"ACTIONS PLUS\" and assist you in your own growth.
    It is up to us as individuals to decide which path you want to travel, it is called choice, you can choose to act the role of the victim or choose to regain your own personal power and live to your full potential.

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