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    Contact:Jannine Umana
    Category(s): Healer
    Biography:Hello, My Heart Unity Bussiness is all about helping people to reach their full potential. I have been a Healer for 16 years now. I work here on the coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Koh Samui.

    In a session I work with Past lives and this life to bring aout amazing change in peoples lives who choose to see me. Let us use the example of someone who does not trust themselves for instance. I use my psychic abilities to See what life that started in and then using the grid patterns within the auric field to change this. I am able to these. Then we find where it restarted in this life and using the grid patterns are able to change this also. Thus freeing the person so that they can trust themselves and therefore change their life! Sounds amazing ? It is !

    I also teach how to conect with your psychic abilities. I do this on the surface for a day or at fortnightly classes as well as on the net.

    I use my Mediumship abilities to give readings.

    I also use my Mediumship abilities to speek with those who have passed away.

    See my website to understand more.

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