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    Contact:Nadine Head
    Category(s): Automatic Writing, Founder of 'Vorce' Deep Relaxation & Healing Technique, Goddess, Harmonising of auras and houses, Intuitive Personal Development, Pellowah Practitioner, psychic, Medium, Channel, The Clair's, Past Lives & Psychometry, Reiki master, Seichim Master, Telepathic Communication with Children & Pets , Workshop Facilitator
    Biography:Welcome Goddess,

    With 23 years experience as a Reader & 17 years experience as a Healer... I have been blessed to have grounded a Universal Healing Energy called Vorce & I am super excited to be given the opportunity to share it with you.

    Vorce is the Healing Energy of Oneness... a self-healer, assisting the rising of vibration to actively live a more positive and healthy life from our heart center...

    Each individual forms a unique and personal bond with Vorce and as you grow together the effects are felt on a conscious and subconscious level, promoting health and growth on all levels of existence and reaching out into the universe and all that lives through the ripple effect.

    Vorce works in an accelerated manner yet remains connected to the natural rhythms of the individual, allowing a quicker, deeper, clearer connection and understanding of oneself and those surround us... creating positive shifts and action in all areas of our life... Heal the self, working through and eliminating all negativity from within...

    Vorce Consists of:

    Deep Relaxation Therapy
    Physical Healing Therapy
    Mental Healing therapy
    Spiritual Healing Therapy
    Emotional Healing Therapy

    Assisting With:

    Letting Go
    Allowing Stillness
    Recognizing Possibilities
    Living In Truth
    Growing In Wisdom
    Connecting to Oneness

    Together with Vorce you will be able of heal yourself, work through and eliminate all negativity within, re-discover your authentic self... reconnect to and merge with Complete Oneness... you will find where you fit into the big scheme of things... discover & put into action your life purpose and full potential... become the best you can be and create all that you desire offering a better way of life for yourself, your loved ones and the world as a whole on a more profound and deeply rewarding level then we have ever previously experienced on earth... Healing within... Healing the world...

    YOU! can make a real difference in the future outcome of mankind and the world we live in. If you are seeking a positive shift... raising your vibration to Complete Oneness... Awakening all of your senses to a higher Vocational & Spiritual level, creating action... consciously witnessing a profound transformation of ones self and our planet of coming out of the darkness and into the light... creating all that you desire... then Vorce is for you... Together with Vorce you can create true greatness.

    Vorce has unlimited possibilities, only limited by ones own imagination....

    The time is now to embrace the blessed future that awaits you and your loved ones...

    One on One Vorce Attunement Workshops are available from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast. Alternatively, host your own Workshop in your home, club or church & receive a host discount, a minimum of 3 people are required however group numbers will depend on the distance needed to travel. For more information and bookings email me or give me a call and get started on the Vorce Journey today.

    Want to know where Vorce originated... you can read my story on pages 72 -75 in issue 5 of Born Organized Magazine.

    View Members Events for up and coming workshops in your area.

    READINGS are available in person in local areas to Caboolture Qld or via email (by appointment only)

    My Readings are a combination of all my naturally born & developed spiritual abilities, I have experienced and developed these amazing gifts since early childhood and have been giving readings to others for 23 years with highly accurate results, it gives me great pleasure that I am able to help others find their way on their own life journey through the guided messages I receive for them... from the past to the present and into the future. Check out the testimonials some of my gorgeous clients have left for your viewing at the bottom of this page.

    Thank You for reading my bio and I look forward to our meeting.

    Special Offer:For EGBN members ~ Attend a Vorce Workshop and pay only $250. Host a Vorce Workshop & pay only $200... A min of 2 full paying guests are required however numbers will depend on the distance required to travel & costs involved, so please contact me for details.

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