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    Contact:Gina Moore
    Phone:07-5483 7004
    Mobile:0408 743 713
    Category(s): Herbs & Spices - Food Industry
    Biography:I am a Mum of 3 young children who happened to be in the right place at the right time, saw an opportunity and seized it!
    Many people let opportunities pass them by too easily and although I did not see the “big picture” when I first joined Your Inspiration At Home (or YIAH said as Y-I-AH)….it certainly became clear very soon after, that I had made the right decision to seize this “Ground Floor” opportunity!
    Just over 12 months ago I taste-tested some amazing dips at a Home Show that I went to. The lady on the stand said that YIAH was a young company, based on the Gold Coast, created 100% natural herb & spice blends with no added MSG’s, no anti-caking agents & no nasty numbers…..well that had me hook, line & sinker!!!! Not really sure what she said after that – I had already started filling out the paperwork and making a list in my head of all the people I knew that were going to love this “stuff” as much as I did!!!!
    I started my YIAH business as the first consultant in my area and went on to become one of the company’s top team builders - creating one of Australia’s fastest growing teams & enjoying many rewards that I still have to pinch myself about - all in under 12 months!
    I am also part of our Global expansion – UK launched end of 2011, our USA division is currently being launched & May 2013 sees our pre-launch of our Canadian division. 2014 is our projected European launch…..we are most definitely now a “GLOBAL COMPANY”….and 100% Aussie made & owned!!
    Our products are delicious, healthy, easy & simple to use and UNIQUE! We have a selection of dip mixes, international seasonings, meat rubs, glazes, chocolate powders & sugars and the most scrumptious herbal teas….all becoming VERY sort-after!
    My favourite way of sharing our delicious range is through our “Good Taste” demonstrations…either in your own home or as a fundraiser for your club, school or organisation. We are also about to launch our on-line ordering system which will take our company to a whole new height and quite possibly escalate us to being one of the most sort-after party-plan companies to be part of in 2013 and in the future!
    Food is “IN”….thanks to shows like MKR & Masterchef – people are no longer scared to experiment in the kitchen and at the same time, people love our products because of their easy-to-use nature: “One spoonful” is often all you need to add to create the most delicious, tasty meals….anyone can use our products!!! My kids even love using them at home!! (And they are only 9, 6 & 3 yrs of age!!)
    Our mission is “To unite the world through food”…..Imagine a family here in Australia sitting down to the very same meal as a family in the USA……united in taste, united by YIAH!!

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