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    Contact:caryn skeen
    Category(s): Author, coach, Counsellor, educator, Healer
    Biography:ZENITH HEALING…shifting perceptions…
    For consciously aware individuals who are committed to their lifestyle transformation. Zenith Healing is a holistic healing and coaching service that offers a range of modalities which support you to achieve your goals. Unlike traditional counselling that often focuses on the past, we educate and share with you techniques that will literally transform lives. Our service empowers you to transcend and achieve greater results, relationships, self-awareness and ultimately greater success…

    Crystal Light Bed Therapy - (AKA Crystal Bed)
    This gentle, yet powerful healing system pulses coloured light through seven clear quartz crystals into your energy field and the seven main chakra centres. This life enhancing experience supports the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of the body. This Crystal Light Bed therapy is designed by the Divine Light Beings at the “Casa De Dom Inãcio” that work through the renowned Brazilian Medium Healer, João Teixeira de Faria, also known as “John of God” Caryn is one of the few practitioners in Australia that has been granted special permission to activate this healing lamp directly from “Casa De Dom Inãcio” with the Entities of Light having blessed the quartz crystals of her Crystal Light Bed therapy. Healing and well-being are dependent on the person’s willingness to achieve their newly desired state. Individual experiences range from a calming and relaxing session to a life altering healing experience.

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