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    Contact:Kelly Smith
    Category(s): Eco Products, Goddess, Healer, Health and Nutrition, Health and wellbeing, New Age Store Owner, Retail stores
    Biography:Hi, My name is Kelly. I am a passionate herbalist, and am part owner of Happy High Herbs, with my husband Quentin. We own and manage the sunshine coast stores, Maroochydore and Noosa. We sell a very large range of herbs for anything ranging from health herbs, romance herbs, energy herbs, realxing herbs, healthy tinctures, addiction breaking herbs, loads of little goodies such as incense, super foods, beautiful herbal skin care products and so much more!
    On a personal level i feel my purpose is to assist people on their way to health through the use of herbs and plants, as an alternative to mainstream medicine. Im also very intuitivly connected to herbs and plants making the prescription of herbs to my clients/customers a special experience. I also have a strong connection with crystals and stones, and am currently doing Crystal Light Healings out of our Noosa store.
    I joined Enlightened goodessess Business Network to expand my client base for our herb stores and to educate the general public about the fantastic benefits of herbs.

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