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    Contact:Pernille Powell
    Phone:5448 2934
    Mobile:0406 412 354
    Category(s): Counselor, Workshop Facilitator
    Biography:If you have experienced a negative and difficult or traumatic birth, you know that it can affect so many aspects of your life. It can affect bonding with your baby, your relationships with children and partners and your confidence as a mother, a woman and birthing Goddess. This doesn’t have to be like this forever. It is actually possible to make peace with a bad birth and to move on and be able to meet your future births with empowerment, strength, confidence and love.
    My name is Pernille Powell, I am a childbirth Educator, Birthing From Within Mentor , Birth Story Healer and doula. I have worked with birth here on the Coast for the past 7 years. Through my business Birth Connection, I am passionate about helping and supporting women to make peace and move on from a difficult birth experience through a powerful method I call ‘Birth Story Healing’. I also feel very proud to be able to offer the only independent birth preparation classes on the Coast that will prepare you to have a positive and empowered birth, regardless of how you have birthed before, or how your mother birthed, and regardless of how your birth journey unfolds.
    Jump over to my website and read more or give me a call for a no strings attached chat 0406 412 354
    Special Offer:Birth Story Healing sessions, normally $80. Only $65 until 1/10

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