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    Contact:Nicole Millard
    Category(s): Budgeting and Parenting advice
    Biography:Hi, my name is Nicole Millard and I am the Social Media Manager and part owner of the Stay at Home Mum website.
    Stay at Home Mum incorporates a website and Facebook page (amongst other social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest) and is owned by founder Jody Allen, myself, Brendan Allen (Jody's hubby) and Chis Gryg (who works on promotions and the technical side). It is an informative platform where stay at home mums and dads, work at home parents and really anybody can come and learn how to manage their household budgets, save money and live frugally but still enjoy all life has to offer. We also have lots of other information such as recipes, cleaning tips (and natural cleaning recipes) parenting advice, health information (both medicinal and natural), and real life stories from all walks of life. We offer some terrific products in our store which promote wellbeing and frugal living also. Stay at Home Mum is now the most popular mums (and womens!) website and Facebook page in Australia!

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