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    Contact:Kirsty Sziron
    Category(s): Life Strategist & Success Coach
    Biography:Kester (my husband) and I started teaching dance together in Melbourne around 12 years ago and moved to Qld in 2003. We toured for three years around FNQ to the Gulf, Cape York and along the East Coast teaching in aboriginal communities and rural communities and remote places. Around 5 years ago we were introduced to the movie by Rhonda Byrne - 'The Secret', and from there we were exposed to the teachings of Abraham. We used those Law of Attraction teachings to create a baby or two, (having been trying for 5 years we manifested her in 3 months!), a new car and an increase in income of around 30%. Over time we diminished our usage of deliberate creation until now. A very dear friend introduced us to the CD 'The success secrets they don't want you to know about'. It was put together by 30 ultra-successful people who wanted to share how they use the Law of Attraction. This has dramatically changed our lives and the lives of the people we share this CD with. If you are ready to take the Law of Attraction to a new level, then do yourself a favour and spend 40 minutes of your time listening to this CD that I can lend you, with truly no strings attached. Love and Light, Kirsty.
    Special Offer:Free listen to a 40 minute CD on the Law of Attraction.


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