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    Contact:Dianne Johnstone
    Phone:07 54426067
    Category(s): Health and Beauty
    Biography:I am an Executive Sales Manager with Nutrimetics. I am a Consultand of 20years. I had used the product for 15 years before joining as no one had told me you could join and purchase direct from the company saving a lot of $$$ and have the products delivered to my door. I still love it today as I did the day I joined in 1992. Nutrimetics has been in Australia for 43 years. The company was way ahead of its time as the products are non animal tested, no chemicals, additives or preservatives, fortunately the general public are now starting to understand this standard and want to use, support & purchase products that follow this philosophy. Our head office is in Sydney and products are formulated and developed there for Australia and New Zealand. All testing of our products is done by the consultants within Nutrimetics or on some occassions they are sent outside of the compamy for independent testing, all of this is very important to me as I do not feel any cosmetic company has the right to test their products on animals particularly when you see what mascara alone does to the poor monkey's eyes. Nutrimetics never has been or will be a company that test their products on animals. The code of the company is to:- HELP PEOPLE HELP OTHER PEOPLE. Maybe I can help you please don't hesitate to ask.

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