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  • Soraya Saraswati & Terry Oldfield - Global Spirit Records

    Contact:Soraya Saraswati
    Phone:0400 520 624
    Mobile:0400 520 624
    Category(s): Inspirational Speaker, Facilitator and Musician, Music Meditation & Mindfulness , Music Meditation & Mindfulness Events, Retreats and Seminars., Soul Purpose Mastery
    Biography:Soraya Saraswati with over 30 years in the conscious living and natural health fields Soraya has developed and now offers \"Soul Purpose Mastery\" consultation and training to assist people in aligning with their highest purpose and overcoming what seems to stand in the way of its achievement.
    Together with her Husband Terry Oldfield Soraya also offers Conscious Music, Meditation and Mindfulness Events, Retreats and Seminars worldwide. They live on the Sunshine Coast Australia, where also Soraya also offers private Holistic Naturopathic consultations offering Intuitive Guidance in all areas of life.

    A highlight is the 2 week INDIA retreat each November with Yoga, Music, Meditation and Mindfulness together with Ayurvedic Massage and treatments daily. Delicious !

    Soraya and Terry make a dynamic duo. Both as individuals experts in their own fields they share their special love coming together as they do in their musical events and retreats.

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