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    Contact:Felicity Chapman
    Category(s): Alternative Healing
    Biography:The Healers Role
    Creating & Supplying Wholistic Wellness & Psychic Protection Products

    My name is Felicity Chapman. I am a student of the divine universe and my passion is healing through alchemy. I am very blessed and grateful to be a conduit for spirit and to be able to utilise the bountiful healing gifts Mother Earth and the Universe provides.

    I capture the healing energy of flowers, herbs, crystals, tree spirit & resins, minerals, metals, shells, sacred spaces & sacred geometry through vibrational essences. I incorporate one or more of these essences to create homeopathic drops and room sprays that heal on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level and are safe for everyone (including babies, children, pregnant women & animals)

    My range is always growing as the divine universe is constantly providing new inspiration to support the changing needs of the global community.

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