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    Contact:Fleur Shaw
    Phone:0488 005593
    Mobile:0488 005593
    Category(s): Jewellery / Inspiration Party
    Biography:Crystals 2 Inspire is a inspiration party experience with quality crystals and crystal jewellery for all to enjoy.
    It was founded by Elizabeth Born and Peter Crockett whose goal was to introduce crystals and their unique properties to every person. In the past crystals have been classified as New Age however C2I is introducing them to as many people as possible as a way to access the inspiration you might need at a particular time. We aim to inspire women one party at a time.
    Through our inspirational party process we are able to get women to slow down, stop multi tasking and take the time to just focus on themselves. This in itself creates some really empowering, and inspirational moments to share.

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