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    Contact:Tina Kirkham Smith
    Phone:0406 118233
    Category(s): Alternative Healing, Healer, Health and wellbeing, Health Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Intuitive Personal Development
    Biography:If you've made the commitment to yourself to improve your wellbeing then this is for YOU.

    I'm Tina Kirkham Smith and together we repair the ripples from your life's experiences moving you beyond disease maintenance and symptom management, creating you a more positive, rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle.

    I intuitively integrate complementary / alternative healing therapies such as The BodyTalk System, Reiki, Crystal Light Healing, animal energies, colour, the consciousness of the body, harmonics, sacred geometry and many other areas of natural medicine.

    Selling your house? Want a quicker sale? De-cluttering belongings isn't always enough. I also specialise in freshening up the vibe of your house enabling buyers to think "I love it, this feels like our new home".

    I am also able to carry out my sessions by distance (remotely) so that in fact anyone anywhere in the world is able to benefit from this extremely powerful blend of modern science and traditional healing methods.

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