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  • Samantha Gillard Psychic-Medium | Healer | International Sacred Sites Travel

    Contact:Samantha Gillard
    Phone:0400 119 064
    Mobile:0400 119 064
    Category(s): Alternative Healing, Counsellor, International Sacred Sites Travel Facilitator, Intuitive Healer, Intuitive Personal Development, Psychic and Medium, Workshop Facilitator
    Biography:Samantha Gillard is a respected professional within her field, who combines her natural gifts of healing with her academia.
    “I spent many years at University studying the psychological nature of people. I was fascinated by neuropsychology and how our brain and cognitive processes are involved in creating our perception and ultimately our reality. This led me to work in areas of grief and loss, addiction, abuse and trauma. My frustration of not being able to really assist people heal and change their patterns within the corporate world, led me step out of the corporate jungle, in order to practice more holistically using my spiritual gifts of healing, psychic intuition and radical change facilitation.
    Each one of us has a soul purpose, which is something to do here that cannot be accomplished by anyone else. My role is to journey with people to release the trauma and blockages that keep them stuck and unfulfilled, to inspire, motivate and be a catalyst for change within their physical, emotional, and spiritual states.

    If you’re ready for change, then I am ready to take that journey with you”.
    Special Offer:If you're ready for real and lasting change in all areas of your life, then please accept my offer of 25% on all my services.

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