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    Contact:Aannsha Jones
    Phone:5494 0399
    Mobile:0424 113 530
    Category(s): Alternative Healing, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Treatment & Sales, Counsellor, Guided relaxation CDs, Health and wellbeing, Intuitive Personal Development, Intuitive Soul Healing, Life Direction Readings (tarot), Murals for home/work, Tarot with Aannsha
    Biography:Hi, I'm Aannsha.

    I work with women who are experiencing anxiety, self-doubt, feeling stuck, stressed, frustrated or depressed - or all of these. ;~)

    I help women release fears, relax, overcome doubt, feel uplifted, inspired and get back to their calm centre of being, back on track with insights, clear goals and soul purpose.

    In 'quantum' terms, by changing our vibration we change our life's experience. By releasing limiting conditioning - mindset and trapped emotions - and by supporting our body's incredible regenerative powers - along with breathing in our connection with our Infinite Self, we can truly realise for ourselves the life we yearn for.

    I have over 20 years experience, a Diploma of Counselling, lots of techniques and offer various products and services designed to assist my clients get back their soul-centred passion for life, including:
    *Life Direction Readings,
    *Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils - Treatments and sales (doTerra)
    *Guided Relaxation CDs (produced by myself and selling for over 15 years in places such as The Relaxation Centre of Queensland)
    *Meditation guidance
    *...and I even paint murals for businesses.


    “I have known Aannsha Jones since the very early 1990's. Since then we have spent time together and have gotten to know each other very well.

    I highly recommend Aannsha's services to anyone who is looking for any counselling, intuitive work for themselves or their business along with any exceptional art work. She is also a gifted artist!

    Aannsha is an honest, ethical and authentic person whom I have no hesitation in recommending for anyone needing her services.

    Verbal recommendations are welcome also. Call me on 0414 278 344 if you wish to discuss in more indepth.

    Jennie Gorman
    Connexions Unlimited.”

    “I have had a number of consultations over the years with Aannsha and I know her to be a deeply intuitive person with many years experience in partnering with clients to help them to understand their own current life situation and work with them to enable and support their journey. Aannsha is committed to her own self development and supporting others on their path in an open and honest way. Aannsha brings an unconditional, non judgmental and affirming focus to the work that she does. I would highly recommend Aannsha and the services she offers.”
    Leanne Hodson, HR Project Manager.

    "Aannsha thanks heaps for my reading last week...
    I am always amazed at your accuracy.
    You are incredibly on the money with your God given gift.
    Will be interesting to see how things pan out this year.
    I am so looking forward to my 'new beginnings' ".
    GL - Brisbane

    Special Offer:For Enlightened Goddess Members - 25% off regular rate (of $40) for an AromaTouch Technique - giving you a profound, whole-body wellness experience. *Mention this Offer when booking*

    This is a 30-minute relaxing method of applying therapeutic grade essential oils topically to produce a profound whole-body wellness experience. The many benefits of the AromaTouch Technique include stress management, immunie support and autonomic balance.

    Testimonial: "Thank you so much Aannsha for the 2 aroma touch treatments I have had so far. I am really amazed at the profound effect these have had on me. They are not only relaxing invoking a sense of peace and calm but also amazingly uplifting. The beautiful oils and the actual technique are simple and gentle yet combined remarkably effective. Also seemed to work wonders on my flu symptoms/ immune system last week. I am thrilled with the results!!!"

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