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    Contact:Sharon Tregoning
    Phone:0408 34 00 99
    Mobile:0408 34 00 99
    Category(s): Alternative Healing, Counsellor, Healer, Intuitive Healer, Intuitive Personal Development, Intuitive Soul Healing, Life Strategist & Success Coach, Psychic and Medium
    Biography:What I do, if you choose to empower yourself, is to support you through that process. I connect with your angels, guides and sometimes your loved ones in spirit and along with my angels and guides, we work together to identify the issues that are challenging you and then resolve them together. My underlying intention with all that we do, is that it serve you, nurture you and empower you so that you can live your life in peace and contentment. Be warned, my angels and guides have very healthy senses of humour and they’re not afraid to let it show!!
    The Non Woo Woo bit means that while I am a psychic and medium, I am not way out there with the alternative lifestyle. I am about keeping it all very real and very down to Earth.
    Through the fundamentals of my GRACE Program where GRACE stands for Gratitude + Responsibility + Authenticity + Consciousness = Empowerment, I have turned my life around from being buried in depression and anti-depressant medication. This has given me the skills, knowledge and experience to be able to support you in empowering you, if you choose. What I do is all about you and what you need.

    If you want to be bullied and work with someone Boot Camp Style, don’t come and see me. If you want nurturing, guidance, empathy and support, then I’m your gal.

    As a gifted & compassionate medium, I have the ability to connect with your loved ones who have transitioned.
    As a Psychic Intuitive, I just have a knowingness for what people need to hear. I am an Angel Intuitive, certified by Doreen Virtue Ph.D, and hugely enjoy being of service to others through connecting with the Angelic realm.

    I am passionate about helping others & this comes from a place of authenticity & compassion.

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