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    Contact:Jean Sheehan
    Category(s):  Business Mindset Coach and Goddess, Accessing Universal Intellligence, Alternative Healing, Counsellor, Healer, Intuitive Personal Development, Life Coach, Medical Intuition Psychic Children , Public Speaker, Workshop Facilitator
    Biography:Jean Sheehan is the Principal of Millennium Education Pty Ltd. She is an expert and leader in Medical Intuition, Self Empowerment and a teacher of possibility and potentiality. As a Nurse Jean was able to integrate Nursing with the Metaphysical and quantum physics. With this extraordinary gift Jean is in demand from Health professionals and the community. Jean shares about the human body as a blueprint of the internal vibration. Her achievements include finalist for the SCWBN Womens Business award, regular radio interviews, has many requests as a motivational guest speaker and writes Medical Intuitive articles for 4 magazines. She is a recognized leader in her field of personal, spiritual growth and self development.

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