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    Contact:Elizabeth Born
    Phone:1300 515 992
    Mobile:0414 320064
    Category(s): Inspiration Parties
    Biography:Elizabeth Born was a management consultant who, with her partner, juggled interstate travel and raising two children who were rapidly approaching teenagehood. She loved the consulting work because she was able to help clients find the possibilities in their life and reach their potential.
    However she was worried that this tag team process with her partner and the long absences from her children was not the way she wanted to live her life. She felt there must be a better way and bought a local company that wholesaled semi-precious gemstone (read crystal) jewellery to retailers around Australia and internationally.
    Whilst this was a great business she realised that she wasn’t passionate about selling a product – she missed her passion of helping people become who they wanted to be.
    So Crystals 2 Inspire was born!
    Crystal 2 Inspire, or C2I for short, works like a party plan but with a big difference! The parties, called Inspiration Parties, use a process to assist women to take some time for themselves to reflect on their lives and to connect with other women. They use the power of the crystals to gain clarity about what they want for their lives and to develop an Inspiration Goal to aim for.
    The crystal jewellery that they buy as part of the party is a wonderful way to maintain the powerful feelings that emerge through the C2I experience.
    She is helping women find their possibilities – one party at a time!

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