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  • Anne Aleckson

    Contact:Anne Aleckson
    Phone:0417 628 960
    Category(s): Alternative Healing, Author, Healer, Intuitive Healer, Intuitive Personal Development, Intuitive Soul Healing, Life Coach, Psychic and Medium, Remedial Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Young Living Essential OIls Distributor
    Biography:Giving a voice to the power within through Transformational Conversations with Soul.

    I work with enlightened Goddesses who are dissatisfied with their life and feeling frustrated that they are unable to move beyond their self imposed glass ceilings in all areas of their life including money, love, family and work.

    I help them to smash through the ceiling and go on to joyfully create a life they love and to find the success they have been seeking.

    Just like Yvette who came to me because she was tired of living with depression, having a bad relationship with her mother, overweight and filled with self-hatred and loathing. Weeks after the session she is reporting a better relationship with her mother, a surprising sense of self-love which has removed the hurt she used to feel in her heart. She has lost 2kg without doing anything, and all areas of her work have moved forward.

    Yvette now says ‘It was profound. Literally, years and years of counselling are very painlessly combined into a 60 minute session. There is no faffing about with wishy washy time-wasting nothingness, Anne gets straight to the core of the issue. During the session, the healing was palpable. My life is forever changed for the better.”
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