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    Contact:Karen Menheere
    Category(s): Massage Teacher, Remedial Massage Therapist
    Biography:If you enjoy the feeling of relief your body feels after a brilliant remedial massage, you will benefit from my 11 years of experience.
    I adore the Hawaiian-style of massage and incorporate much of it into my techniques. I follow my intuition and trust the guide I am given in where to work. I believe the body knows best.

    Come in and see us! You will love the benefits our skills bring to you!
    I am looking into starting some Basic Massage Skills short courses. This course will be non-accredited. You will receive a Statement of Attendance, and walk away with some excellant basic knowledge of massage go and spoil your family and friends with. No more wondering if you will hurt someone or do them damage when you give them a massage.
    I have also been investigating cellulite and am developing a technique that will definitely reduce it, and am hoping to turn it into a technique that eradicates it.
    Stay tuned to this space, or you will see me at a Goddess event as the classes take shape.

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