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    Contact:Tamara Williams (Pascoe)
    Phone:0439 418 571
    Mobile:0439 418 571
    Category(s): Health and wellbeing, Masseuse, Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga Teacher

    When I first started Yoga (from my lounge room in Mackay with a Rodney Yee video) I knew I was going to be a teacher however I had no idea that I would be running a state wide business and that others would be asking me to teach them how to teach Yoga)

    Yoga has taught me how to BE MYSELF and help others to find meaning and purpose in their lives.


    Through learning how to forgive, through learning how to let go of my story line but at the same time not be ashamed of it.
    In a nutshell : YOGA HAS TAUGHT ME HOW TO HAVE FAITH & for that I am eternally grateful.

    Tammy Pascoe (Founder of Yoga NRG) has had over 17 years experience in the health industry, is a qualified Registrered Nurse and has taught and trained globally with world class teachers in the Yoga & Mindfulness fields. She is the Director of Yoga NRG Teacher Training Programs & Mindfulness Coaching Programs. Tammy also provides Mindfulness Based Mentoring Support & Business Development Coaching to some of Australias most gifted Yogis and Studio Owners.

    She delivers specialised yoga workshops, teacher trainings and hosts internationally recognised yoga & mindfulness events Australia wide and has also been invited to assist on retreats and teacher trainings with teachers from Various Yoga styles - such as Duncan Peak & Heather Agnew.

    Tammy has studied with a broad range of teachers - Trudie Edwards (who has been a dear friend & a true example of what Yoga is all about) , Heather Agnew and other international teachers. She has also hosted and managed Yoga Events for Bryan Kest, Nicky Knoff, Duncan Peak & Santina G Chard.

    " Teaching Yoga is a constant reminder of how awesome it is to be Mindful, fully present and live with HEART"
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