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    Contact:Glenda Thomas
    Category(s): Aromatherapist, Health and wellbeing
    Biography:Glenda Thomas - Zenzar
    Creator of Zen Heart Natural Perfume
    Walking past a clump of Lavender sticking out of the fence, I reach down and pick the flower and some leaves, rub them in my hands to release the oil and put my hands under my nose and I draw in the aroma hah I feel the calmness come over me. I have a peppermint plant in my garden and every time I go past I grab a leaf and chew it up great for my breath and digestion. This is my passion I love that herbs, flowers and plants can offer so much joy to our senses. For me it is the smelling sense and for other people it could just be the beauty of the flower or plant. If I see a flower I will always put it to my nose to see if it has an aroma.

    Aromatherapy has been my passion since 1994 and in 1995 I became a qualified Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist when most people didn’t even know what Aromatherapy was and massage still had that stigma around it.

    I have created many blends over the years, I have a book full of potions some with names of people for particular ailments.

    When I create a blend I think of what emotions I would like to evoke then choose my oils and then the quantities of each oil blend them together and leave for at least a week so the oils can bind together. You could call me an Alchemist.

    Zen Heart blend was created back in 2003 this blend came together with love and intuition. I used Zen Heart on my massage clients and they would always ask what is that lovely smell, this would enhance their whole massage experience. A friend of mine who runs a series of massage courses uses Zen Heart within her courses and feedback is that everyone has a wonderful experience with this blend like she has never seen before with any other essential oil blends.

    She encouraged me to expand on this blend and make it available for more people to be able to experience the benefits.

    Zen Heart Perfume is blended with Australian grown Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil has moisturising properties as well as it has similar sebum properties as the skin. Jojoba also lasts a very long time if stored properly, for example kept out of high heat and sunlight this applies to all natural products. Jojoba if put in the freezer will feel and look like wax.

    If you are allergic to perfumes or you like the idea of using natural products on your skin, then Zen Heart is for you.


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