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    Contact:Jenny Smith
    Mobile:0425 210 064
    Category(s): Life Coach, Life Strategist & Success Coach
    Biography:What Is The Divorced Women’s Club All About?
    The separation and divorce process can drag on for many months and even years and during that time it takes it’s toll professionally, physically, emotionally and financially. It’s a tough journey and as a coach and mentor I am committed to helping women turn this situation into an opportunity to make their life and sense of well being their number one priority as quickly as possible.

    I have 3 different programs to cater for women at different stages of the divorce process and the Your Extraordinary Life program is a 12 month bespoke program specifically for the women who are ready to begin creating a whole new life for themselves and prefer to work with someone on a very personal level. This means that they take control of their lives and get on with living on their terms so much more quickly.

    My other programs are of a shorter duration and also very much designed specifically for each individual person. Due to several requests for mentoring and coaching some women recently who have made the decision to end the relationship and struggling to find the strength and courage to take that next step I am now available on call to provide support during this time.

    The DWC is also about creating a community of amazing women who have survived and thrived, now loving life and who are willing to offer support and encouragement to the women who are still struggling with any number of related issues. I have created a 'secret' group on Facebook and the wisdom, compassion and very sound advice shared within this group means that the members have a safe space where they will be understood and free to express their biggest fears and concerns. This group has created such a powerful opportunity for us to use our own experiences to make a difference in the lives of others. Currently this group has members from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia and Morroco.

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