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    Contact:Jeannine Stephens
    Category(s): Feng Shui Consultant
    Biography:Jeannine is the director of Feng Shui Power and is located on the sunshine coast. She approaches her business in a holistic way, not only giving clients advice about their homes or business but also providing knowledge to allow greater understanding . Jeannine's predominant perspective is to assist clients to transform the flow and the quality of Qi in their environment. Jeannine's professional training in classic Feng Shui allows a variety of approaches to support Qi physically, which has an impact emotionally, mentally and spiritually , such as Form (the external environment), Compass, Flying Stars, San Cai and Da Gua. Jeannine has a wide background in: Science research and lecturing in various Education fields; responding to crisis care for youth; the health field in Naturopathy, Iridiology and Rayid: Space Clearing from a Native American perspective; Geopathic Stress and sick building syndrome; medical intuition and crystal gridding; and is furthering her studies in more advanced Feng Shui as well as Esoteric Acupuncture using specially designed essential oils.

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