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    Contact:Sandra Gunner
    Category(s): Aged Care, Health Practitioner
    Biography:My name is Sandra Gunner and together with Megan D'Elton (CEO), I manage NoosaCare and its two Aged Care Facilities Carramar and Kabara in gorgeous Noosa. Before you start to have images of a matronly type in sensible lace up shoes let me share a little about us both.

    We are both young. I am the Care Service Manager who surfs, competes in triathalons and wears inappropriate heels to work that scares the physiotherapists department. My CEO is an ambitious brunette with a love for expensive handbags and dark nail polish. Not quite your average Aged Care management team. More importantly we share a passion for delivering high quality care and are both planning long careers in Aged Care. We manage two not for profit facilities and are incredibly proud of the amazing staff who work with us.

    I have been privildeged to work as a Nurse since I was 17 and it has provided a wide range of amazing expereinces both in Australia and overseas. I was recently awarded a State Schorlarship for Outstanding Achievements in Aged Care and remain in the running for a National Schorlarship, which will provide the opportunity to travel to New York to meet with Aged Care leaders from around the world and discuss the challenges that lie ahead for our industry.

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