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    Contact:Karen Perttula
    Category(s): Financial Advisor, Health and Nutrition, Mortgage Broker
    Biography:What would it take for your finances to look healthy? A miracle or support?

    We would all love a huge lotto win, but what do we do in the meantime to improve our financial situation? We call in an expert, such as Karen Perttula! With over 15 years experience in the financial industry, she knows her stuff! Karen is the director of Lakeshore Finance, which has offices in both Perth and Sunshine Coast.

    Karen and her team are committed to assisting you with all your financial needs. Whether you are looking for a loan for the great Australian dream, consolidating your debts to free up cash for a holiday or shopping for an investment property, Karen and her team are able to design and source a loan unique to your individual needs.

    Karen is not about getting the cheapest loan she can. She knows that there is more to it than that. Karen is a “loan matchmaker” matching loans to suit the individual.

    Lakeshore finance is much more than a financial organisation. Karen knows that there are many mindsets around money and finances that hold us back from achieving financial security and freedom.

    Karen offers a Holistic perspective in the way she deals with finance and understands that money challenges can develop into health problems. As we all are aware the first step to finding any solutions is to face the problem, ask for help, talk to someone, and discuss options. Karen is the perfect person to assist you with this as she can draw on the knowledge and tools she has gained through a lifetime of learning through her own journey of self-discovery to help you take control of your finances.

    Most people don’t link their health to their finances until it’s too late. If you are constantly worrying about money, your health and wellbeing is guaranteed to suffer. Karen is no stranger to health challenges and has struggled with her own ill health for a great deal of her life. Having studied the teachings of Louise Hay, John F DeMartini, Ramtha and Access Consciousness, to name a few, Karen realises the connection between our thoughts and our realities, and how limiting beliefs create money challenges and how important it is to adapt new ways of thinking to create better outcomes.

    Karen likes to think of herself as a “financial therapist” and is aware that every person’s situation is different and she will take the time to connect with you and build a relationship with you so that she can offer the right solutions tailored for you. Karen knows that nothing stays the same in our ever changing world and creates flexible options that can be reworked as the need arises.

    Over a friendly FREE consultation, Karen will ascertain what your needs are and educate you by enabling you to discover new ways of managing your money. Karen will inspire you to do something for you and to take responsibility for co creating a financial plan that works for you.

    It makes perfect sense that if the way you are currently doing things is not working, it is time to do things differently.


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