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    Contact:Kerri Ryan
    Phone:5525 3365
    Mobile:0417 934 788
    Category(s): Author, Goddess, Masseuse and Reiki Master, Workshop Facilitator
    Biography:WHITE LOTUS TEMPLE offers spirited workshops to awaken the goddess and the sacred feminine in every women.

    By reigniting the divine Shakti energy through the medium of dance, movement and awakened sensuality, the sacred fires can once again be lit, enriching sexual relationships, firing the creative juices and enhancing wellbeing in women’s lives.

    A woman's greatest gift is her awakened, present, juicy self. She shares herself with love and generosity and brings the gifts of the sacred feminine to her home, her family and life, invigorating all that she touches, enlivening all with her glowing heart.

    With a programme comprising dance workshops, full moon temples, shadow work with the dark goddesses and a three part “Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine” series, White Lotus invokes the goddess back into women’s lives to awaken and reclaim the sacred.

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