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    Contact:Naveen Light
    Mobile:0438 551 804
    Category(s): Conscious Change and Expansion in Body, Money, Relationship, Business
    Biography:Hi I'm Naveen and I work with bodies and energy to unlock capacities in you that you didn't even know you had! (I also am about to own a popular coffee franchise and I'd like to promote your business there)

    Do you know you have talents that may be beyond this world's understanding? Is there anything you are struggling with or do you simply know there is more for you? My work seems to unlock things that have been blocked for lifetimes and then we smooth out energetic wrinkles, release you of old limitations, oaths and vows that you don't even know are affecting you.

    My clients have reported feeling so much more space, happier, lighter, after their sessions with me. Relationships have improved and magic has shown up for them in many ways.

    If you are looking for more of you, wishing to create greater possiblities, have more joy and laughter, please do get in touch.
    Special Offer:10% of my cash earnings are returned to you when you refer a friend to one of my services.

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