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    Contact:Annette Christie
    Category(s): Telecommunications & Essental Services
    Biography:A lot of people are tired of exchanging time for money & watching life pass them by. I show people a way to get back time, freedom & money. One way is showing people how to generate an additional income to run alongside what they are currently doing. Most people pay a phone bill; landline, mobile or internet & your current providers never send you a monthly cheque for using or referring their services? Well that exactly what we do! Everyday thousands of people get up & use their phones & internet. IMAGINE if every month when all those people pay their bills, you get paid a % from the company....month after month. This is for doing something once, from essential services people are using & paying for anyway.

    I also show people how to make savings on landlines, mobile phones & internet bills (home or business) & in parts of Australia - electricity! I review your current bills & usage & with new services/technology available, it's great to see how I can bring down those monthly bills.

    I'm part of an 18 year old company, in 21 countries around the world, with millions of customers & have the endorsement of multi millionaire Donald Trump. If you'd like to earn some extra money or save some I'd be happy to help.

    Special Offer:I will review your landline, mobile phones & internet bills & usage.

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