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    Contact:Lois Mienert
    Phone:07 54573523
    Category(s): Health and Beauty, Health and Nutrition, Health and wellbeing, Menopause Relief Advisor
    Biography:You can be Healthy, Happy and Totally Fulfilled
    Hi my name is Lois Mienert, I am an Anti-ageing Wellness Coach and I am passionate about helping Women 40-50+ find beauty, balance and harmony…

    My beautiful twin daughters were born at 25 weeks and weighed only 670 gms and 677gms each, Sapphy is Visually impaired and Lauren has Cerebral Palsy. The one thing that I found out very early with these two little beings “no one is a island” I found and accepted every offer of professional help I could get, to help with their challenges.
    This has bought me to my perspective on life, that no matter what challenges we are thrown in life they are what we make of them, and the belief that we all have the ability to adapt to our own strengths and weakness and that our personal uniqueness is what is important.
    The Coaching my girls were offered in achieving their goals is no different to the Coaching I offer to help women 40-50+ achieve their goals.
    When we reach mid-life the challenges faced are unique and specific to only a woman 40-50+, I specialise in the Health and Wellbeing during the Menopause years … peri ,during and post when symptoms can become overwhelming, frustrating, uncomfortable and for some painful.
    Sapphy and Lauren reached their mile stones and their personal achievements at school with Sapphy studying Science at University, to become a Pharmacist and Lauren studying Fashion Design at Tafe are a testimony to the fact that it is only seeing what you want and accepting guidance when needed that anything is possible for everyone.
    The good news is that you can relieve your symptoms of pre, peri or post menopause… and you know how you want to have more energy, vitality, sexual desire and mental alertness… would be ok if I showed you a natural way to make this possible for you. Contact me today and receive a special gift of a transformation facial with your Initial Coaching Session.
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