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    Contact:Jo Williams
    Category(s): Accessing Universal Intellligence, Intuitive Personal Development, Intuitive Soul Healing
    Biography:Intuition is not just something you can use every now and again it is a skill that can be developed very easily so that you have what is called your sixth sense on tap all of the time.

    Not only is it your birth right to be intuitive but once your brain is re-reminded of its true capabilities the world and even the universe can be your oyster.

    Allow me to show you and demonstrate how by using your intuition you can solve any problem, illness or question.

    In the past year I have been able to clear myself from migraines, daily headaches, depression and chronic fatigue.

    The brain is not all it is all it’s cracked up to be! In fact it’s a lot lot more!!!!
    Special Offer:Call me to recieve your very own Brain Upgrade today and experience how to percieve yourself as your soul.
    Special offer is only available to those who ring me directly on Ph:0403034822
    Normally $125.00 Special offer only $99.00

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