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  • Carren Smith- CEO Quantum Leadership Group Guest Speaker NetConnect Seminar 15th March 2012

    “Carren Smith inspires a new appreciation of CHOICE where entrepreneurs become curious about MASTERING magnetic marketing strategies.”

    When exploring entrepreneurial adventures and building a purposeful and fulfilled life, magic happens when clarity, passion and ACTION connect.

    Carren’s message of authenticity and personal congruence is a result of decades devoted to human potential, leadership, neuroscience and the psychology of creating success deliberately. She understands what it takes to create, produce and replicate brilliance in people and their business! Her ability to communicate to the heart and soul of her audience is what makes her presentations ‘unforgettable’!

    Carren is the CEO of Quantum Leadership Group and hosts seminars that are designed around research and education to enhance  every phase of your personal development. AT QLG they  have a GLOBAL view which reaches beyond the here and now and into tomorrow with the most advanced mindset tools and strategies available. These seminars  give you access to a series of MASTERS specialising in fields of including mindset, wealth, health, relationships, buisness, Neuro Linguistic Programming and professional speaking and communication. You will accelerate your journey of self discovery and brilliance by creating the results, the clarity, the direction, the purpose, the passion, the opportunities and the inspiration you’ve been dreaming of.

    Imagine……embracing your personal power and unleashing your inner confidence, passion and enthusiasm!

    Imagine…… understanding the secrets to a rich and fulfilling life through your own personal clarity and creativity!

    Imagine……positioning yourself as the EXPERT and GURU in your chosen field as you move the hearts and minds of the people you inspire!

    WELCOME to the BRILLIANCE your life, career or organisation can expect when you’re working with Quantum Leadership Group.

    Carren is a key presenter at Enlightened Goddesses NetConnect Seminar on March 15th 2012, click here for event details.

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