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  • Who is Annie Clark? What possesses a woman to write about about “Poo?” A woman who is committed to educating and sharing knowledge on “wellness” and it all starts with what goes in and out of our bodies!

    “My mission is to inspire my colleagues, friends, clients and family to stay healthy in body mind and spirit, I do this through The Art Of Wellness events, which run 3 times a year, books and educational blogs, private consultations, healthy home stay and workshops based on natural food preparation and digestive health. It is my wish that my small foot print on this earth be gentle, my message be impactful for sustainable food growing techniques, renewable energy and environmentally responsible behaviour so that future generations can live in peace and health on this earth” says Annie. 

    Annie Clark has over 27 years’ experience working in the health Industry, beginning with sales and marketing in health food stores across Victoria in the early 80’s.  Now based in Queensland, Anne is a qualified Lifestyle Health Consultant practising Iridology, Rayid Diagnosis and NES (Nutri-energetic Health Evaluation) scans.  Anne is also qualified in Ayurvedic medicine, Remedial Massage and Swedish massage.

    • Anne is an author of over 17 books on health and lifestyle topics, from raw food preparation to bowel health.  A guest speaker on topics such as; Natural food preparation, Alkaline living (understanding pH), Bowel health, Food combining and Managing stress’. 
    • Anne’s best sellers to date are; In The Raw, The Poo In You (recently revised), Walk It OutA Kokoda Experience and Muffin Mania.
    • Anne’s other current book titles are;  Lose Weight While You Sleep and Eat, 7 Solutions To A Mould Free Home, Two Weeks To Better HealthAustin Finds Green Pastures, What A Lot Of Waffle, Jump For Joy and The Art Of Wellness.

    Anne’s books and workshops are a testimony to her frank approach to helping people to stay physically and mentally well.  Anne gives her clients the tools, while at the same time empowering them to master the art of maintaining health and wellness. 

    Annie runs Raw Food workshops several times a month from her private retreat in Cooroy and carries out consultations with clients that come to Anne for advice on everything from fibroids to food menus.  Anne also teaches bowel health seminars and helps her clients with issues like: low energy, allergies, weight gain or loss, hormonal issues, immune threatening diseases and managing stress.

    Anne says – “When you become unwell, it can be very disempowering following standard orthodox medical approaches, and even though the first vow of a doctor is ‘first do no harm’, I think this needs to be emblazed on every stethoscope, as there is still a lot of unnecessary surgery happening.  I’m in the business of education and inspiring people to be responsible for their own health, by teaching them to embrace the wonders of the human body, learn about their anatomy and take responsibility for their own health.  Responsibility is ‘responding with ability’!

    I teach people about their immune system, their digestive system and the anatomy of the cell.  I remind them that everything they eat and absorb will end up in the blood stream, to be utilized as nutrition for the mind and body, so make good decisions as what you eat and breath today, walks and talks tomorrow.”

    Annie will be a guest presenter at the NetConnect Seminar 31st May more info here


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