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  • Kylie Patchett The Tall Poppy Project

    Kylie Patchett is the founder of The Tall Poppy Project which she created after her own healing journey from corporate clone to leading a delicious life by design.  She is an ex-forensic and medical scientist turned sassy health strategist and certified health coach whose mission is to inspire women globally to stand tall and stake a claim on their own delicious lives.  She delivers life-transforming workshops and coaching programs designed to bring awareness to true integrated holistic health and the impact that learning radical self-respect can have on your time on this gorgeous planet.   

    “The Tall Poppy Project” is a global movement created to inspire the world’s women to stand tall in their greatness and live a delicious life ON PURPOSE and to not accept anything less than their true worth.

     Founder, Kylie Patchett is a woman on a mission- a woman with a passion to educate women to create “holistic health” in their lives. Her message is powerful  “Be the very best you can be and allow others the right to do the same”.

     Kylie has a global vision- To enhance the lives of women globally by providing connection to life-enhancing resources and building an inspirational community – she offers simple tips on how to have a delicious life which includes whole foods, yummy relationships, purposeful career, valuable time out, power of meditation and supportive exercise.

    Kylie realises that her message is not new. It is however, powerful within its simplicity.

    Kylie knows that there is no magic pill, potion or lotion that will create perfect health for any one and has drawn upon her extensive academic and medical background coupled with her personal life experiences to offer a “Holistic Health Plan” that works. Kylie is available for public speaking engagements.

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