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    Never in my wildest dreams would I have said that I will find my place in life by supporting women and men through their journey using Reiki, my life experiences and information from other people’s dead people, and perhaps sometimes my own.

    In the last six months, I have been gifted the most wonderful experience that any person in the art of healing  could ask for.

    I am supporting two women through their breast cancer journey.

    One has had a lumpectomy, chemo and now in the radiotherapy stage.
    One had a single mastectomy, hence the name of the blog, is having a bone scan today and will meet with the oncologist later this week.

    So yes, both women have made the choice to go conventional medicine to get them to the all clear stage.

    I’m pleased to say that their outcomes have been nothing short of astonishing. Doctor’s saying they are pleased with progress, star patients.

    Most of all, both have been nothing other than calm to the point that I had to warn them to be aware that people might actually think nothing is wrong and not help or support because they aren’t in a sobbing heap on the floor.

    Visiting with the second woman today, she said to me that since her first Reiki, she’s had near on no anxiety. I remember our first time to catch up when she was just diagnosed, she arrived at the Cafe looking grey and drawn.  We sat and she started from the beginning, and there were a few tears. A gentle hand on her forearm as she went through everything, within an hour, my beautiful friend was back to the woman I recognised. As we walked to the car, she said she felt better already.

    We were going to walk together on the fight of her life, and she knew, no judgement, no question that I would help her as best I could, firstly with friendship and then the Reiki.

    The next bit is my belief system and thoughts, and the more people I come in contact with in my life, the more this is validated for me.

    I have my own check list of things to check for when I sit and go through identifying things that have happened in a breast cancer patient’s life.  You see my belief is that cancer is a manifestation of an un-dealt with emotional issue. I have known this since learning and experiencing NET from the age of 16. Followed by a whole heap of reading and experiencing what emotions are connected to what organ of the body through my own health regime.

    Often when you scratch the surface, the gold mine of understanding is right there in the largest chasm.

    While I 100% believe medicine has done wonders for people with cancer over the years, and saw a statistic the other day that said 60,000 extra lives had been saved because of medical advances, I reckon you could add another 0 to that if natural therapies like Reiki, NLP, Neuro Emotional Treatment, Emotional Freedom Technique and Kinesiology were also offered to patients.

    I reckon you could add two more zeros if you include diet.  All things that do not interfere with medicine if you want to choose that road.  There is also plenty of evidence out there of the non-chemical options too. My partner in crime Juli, here at the Goddess Imperative herself recovered naturally from stage four cervical cancer.

    Choice is a wonderful thing in our day and age.

    To get back to breast cancer, women in life situations that involve the nurturer, the mother and the feminine, where the emotions have not been adequately dealt with and cleared away, these are where the emotional cancer cells settle and then metastasize.  It is especially important to ask which boob when talking to a woman diagnosed with cancer. That will also start the dots being joined. Genetics can also take a back seat if dealt with early in the knowledge aspect.  That’s a whole other blog – or perhaps even a weekend retreat, because some heavy duty energy work is required there.

    “And then there was one” woman, I have known for a very long time. My greatest fear as a human who loves my friend was that her Reiki reading said do what you can for now.  My human was forced to slump in relief and shed a small tear of relief when her energy told me that she had decided to hang around, that there was no plan to go.  I also felt no ‘dread’ around her. As someone involved in healing the emotional aspects, that’s a hard thing to share with patients and loved ones if it’s the equivalent of a Doctor saying “we’ll just make you comfortable”.

    So, if you have made it to this part of the blog, I say from the highest mountain to anyone with cancer or if you know someone living with it right now, get them to a Reiki practitioner or any modality that CLEARS OUT, not just identifies, CLEARS OUT the emotional energy.  Reiki clears what no longer serves you. It’s like a giant broom.

    Find someone that you can tell everything to.
    Find someone who will give you the techniques and allowance of unconditional love to get out everything you have ever wanted to get out.

    To the two beautiful women on their own journey right now I say thanks.  You can do this thing and all of this will be but a blip on the radar that is your long, loving and prosperous lives.

    To anyone looking for support for a friend or loved one, ask them first, they must be willing to receive the energy, and head over to the Work with Amanda button on our webpage or if you want a heads up of what’s coming and key things to do, book a reading with Juli on the Work with Juli page.  We also have a donation page on the pay it forward basis, if you would like to do a random act of kindness at any stage.

    Love always