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  • Letting go of the need to be a rescuer.


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    Yesterday I woke up feeling crap.  No other word for it, my body had ceased up, I was emotional and even with exercise, stretching and free dance I was struggling to do the bare minimum of tasks.

    So I started to use my tools to find out what my body was trying to tell me.

    And it took half the day, I kept going, fulfilling my commitments to my online program and my coaching clients but in-between processing, feeling resting.

    And I realized that I had signed up to help someone in a situation that was none of my business.  I had been rescuing her and fixing her problem and over stretched myself.  And as soon as I realized this (whilst coaching a client- one of the benefits of doing my job), the body tension began to lift.

    By the afternoon I was free moving and energized again.  So I took action-  to re-delegate the job that wasn’t mine in the first place, which ended up being a win-win-win scenario because the new person is much more experienced in that area!

    But even if I had to pull out of my commitment  (leaving the other person in the lurch) would that have been okay?  For me yes.

    It was more important that I honour my commitments to my business, my clients and my children and to listen to the wisdom of my body than to be popular in those person’s eyes.  I was willing to be totally unpopular if that was what it took!

    Are you rescuing others too?  Here’s a quick self audit questionnaire…

    1) If what ways do you get caught up in jobs, responsibility’s and problems that take you away from what honours you, you are good at doing, love doing and is your core work?

    2) Why do you do that?

    Do you want to be liked? Important? Make their uncomfortable feelings go away?

    3) Where did you learn to do this?

    Have you taken it on as your role early in life for love, affection or attention or did someone tell you it is what you should do?

    Ask these two questions to reset the issue – simply ask the question – keep your mind quiet – it doesn’t need to be by your conscious mind and allow your unconscious mind to create this for you.

    Try doing it daily in the reset part of the 10 for me

    1) What will my life look, sound and feel like when I honour myself and my core commitments by saying no to what’s not my responsibility, and allowing others to choose whether they manage their own responsibilities or not?

    2) What will my day look, sound and feel like when it is full only with me doing what I am best at, and enjoy doing in my business and life?