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  • Introducing ‘The Social Media Effect’  by Annie Infinite Saucy Social Media

    Saucy Social Media

    There are many definitions for social media, social networking and social marketing, however I do have my own – social media a way to connect, contribute, collaborate and develop relationships with others including your audience, customers and other business owners. This more than anything else is where social media comes into its own, it is not just about spreading the word about your business or initiative. Social Media has as its prime directive socialization of people from all over the world and is changing the face of the world forever!

    How? Because never before in history has there been the technology that is capable of connecting the world in one place. In fact this revolutionary medium is now the venue for the social conscience of the entire planet! Never before in history have people been able to create conversations around any topic at all and even influence the direction of corporations and even governments. The power finally rests with – The People of Earth to make real change! I wonder if you have thought about it this way before?

    If not just think about how easy it is to get someone to ‘Like’ your post, and to comment on it, and then to rally to it and then to ACT on it! This is the whole premise behind conversation to conversion that social media marketing uses to sell products and services on social networking. Here however I am talking about using social media for social change and this is where it is unbelievably powerful, realistically a few people who are able to rally the masses on social media could change the course of history right here and right now!

    Social Media has not only become a way to market a product or share our lives with our online friends, it has become a medium for change, a way for us to connect and collaborate, to talk about what is happening and prevent misuse of power being swept under the rug. It is impossible for us to now shut off the rest of the world, more and more we are understanding our connection across the world, that those people so far away are now our Facebook friends and our Twitter followers and we are interacting with them, now when something happens ‘over there’ it is right there for us to see and to hear and we will all stand up for our friends won’t we? I call this ‘The Social Media Effect’ and it is changing our world!

    What technology has changed:

    * Mobile phones, the web and social media are tools that can be used for conversations about beliefs,  and rapid collaboration and coordination of plans and actions – not just for ‘Raves’ but for social change rallies etc..

    * Those with the tools can now use them to re-adjust the balance of power anywhere via their online voice and rapid deployment of collaborative efforts.

    * Social Media strengthens social ties, adjusts social thinking an empowers ‘the people’ to readjust and recalibrate their ideas about the world.

    * The world wide web helps to distribute and centralise leadership, we no longer need one powerful charismatic leader, we are now ‘the people’ and we have a way to speak in one very loud voice.

    * Most, but not all governments and influential corporations are clueless about the power of social media and how it can be used. However even when they understand ‘the social media effect’ these governments and organisations cannot shut it down as they too rely on the internet and would essentially be opting out of the world stage.

    * Social Media as a whole bears witness to the crimes of governments and corporations who put power and profit above those of the people. Many of us are ready to stand up every time we see injustice and say, “We’re not going to take it any more!”

    In the halls of traders and government departments where change is slowest we can use the power of the people to create change in business practices and the governments will have to sit up and take notice if their bread and butter, their financial foundation the businesses and corporations of the world are insisting on doing business in ethical and sustainable ways that add value to the planet rather than taking from it.

    It’s important to understand that it’s not social media that is changing everything really, it is the connection that social media allows us, the conversations that are created and the determination of us all to be the voice of ‘the people’ and stand up for social change and social responsibility that is changing everything. It is the effect of Social Media and technology is that is the medium for everything else that is happening.

    Social Media, the internet and Smart phone technology is making a communication system that is creating worldwide connections, and as I see it a way of achieving one of my dreams – to educate the whole world that what they’ve been taught about life isn’t necessarily so and by that very fact they can now choose to act differently. We can now create amazing conversations, find support for our beliefs and our souls, be educated about a wider variety of perspectives, learn about anything at all, find new friends, mentor others, share and create positive social change from our chairs. Each one of us is now able to stand up and make change happen, yes I mean you.

    Connectivity, social entrepreneurship, the new venture economy, the adventure of making your business more socially responsible and more conscious is going to become a global imperative – are you ready to join the movement?

    What a world we live in!

    Annie Infinite Saucy Social Media