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    We all know how difficult it is to market our businesses when there is very little in the piggy bank but it just happens to be one of the most important parts of any business.  You may have the best product or service in the land but if no one knows about it, you’re going to struggle.  So we asked Leah Squire author of “Marketing with No Money …how to get your business the attention it deserves” to shed some light on how we can get exposure without breaking the bank.

    Marketing with no money tips:

    • Viral marketing the easy way – did you know that if you send just 50 emails a day your email signature is exposed to over 17,000 people in a year.  That’s 17,000 opportunities to promote your business, your latest special, you website and contact details.  Spend 15 mins ensuring you and your staff have effective email signatures and let the free promotion begin.
    • Look after your number one clients.  We all know it’s expensive to get a new client so look after your existing ones.  Quite often we spend all our energy and money on getting new clients or trying to win over bad ones and neglect the very ones that are the bread and butter of the business.  Support your clients and they will support you.
    • Get out and mingle for the cost of a couple of drinks or a lunch you can make new contacts, strike deals and grow your business. Networking face to face online and socially can open doors and build great business relationships so get out there and mingle
    • Use the free tools available online to showcase your business and products.  Upload videos of your work on YouTube and then embed into your website or send the link to potential clients.  Before and after type videos work great as a sales tool.
    • Investigate the advantages of affiliate marketing, who wouldn’t want to get a sales force for free…
    • E-marketing has to be the cheapest sales tool around, with measurable results and instant action.  With a loyal following your business can boom. Using an e-marketing software will save you hours and by keeping your e-marketing interesting and informative you’ll build customer loyalty and trust.
    • Get your logo everywhere.  Depending on where you live and travel to work they say we are exposed to around 5000 pieces of advertising in a day.  There is a good chance the ones you notice have a strong brand and logo. Companies are even bidding to tattoo foreheads on eBay to get brand awareness…not that I recommend this but be inventive, use your imagination; I don’t care how you do it but get your logo everywhere. 

    Leah Squire is the owner of specialist family travel company  Her book “Marketing with No Money” shares the strategies she used to build the BYOkids brand and business so quickly and efficiently on a marketing budget of zero. Leah started her now multi million dollar company just four years ago with $1000 and a marketing budget of zero.  The book has over 135 pages of ideas to help grow your business, it’s easy to read with 35 short to the point chapters sharing the url’s, resources, tips, ideas and skills needed to expand your business without spending a fortune on marketing.  At just $24.95 its a great investment in your business, the book is available online at

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