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  • Women urged to trade on innate strengths for business success as seen in Sunshine Coast Daily




    WOMEN are being urged to stop “acting like men in business and find their way back to their hearts”.

     The Enlightened Goddesses Business Network director Natalie McIvor said with 49% of small business failing in the first two years, women in business will try everything to stay afloat.She said they were often driven by fear and will waste time and money in an attempt to create more sales, attract more clients and build their profile.

     But she said one answer could be to simply talk and connect with others.

     Small Business Administration figures show seven out of 10 small businesses survive the first two years of trading and 51% of small businesses survive the first five years.

     Ms McIvor is keen to turn these statistics around with networking. “90% of women in this network say that networking has launched, grown and expanded their businesses easily,” she said.”All women need to do to turn their business around is to connect with others and build relationships. Women have an innate desire to connect with and nurture others.

     “For too long business women have felt they needed to “man up” and develop masculine qualities to succeed in business. No longer is this working. Women need to act like women, to nurture and support and be accepted and encouraged to create from that feminine space.”

    The NetConnect seminar is in Mooloolaba.