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  •  Creating Conscious Connections

    By Natalie McIvor

    Are you “creating conscious connections” in your personal and professional lives or are you fluttering around briefly connecting with others?

    The biggest concern I hear from women entrepreneurs is “how can they get more clients and make more money”.  For whatever personal reasons we venture into the world of small business, at some stage the money issue will raise its head.  So how can you attract more clients? If you attend networking events, either mine or others, then the answer if right before your eyes.

    It is said in business that “it is not what you know but who you know” I challenge this statement to grow into “It’s  not who you know but how well you know them” that creates success.

    Anyone who has read my blog, an article about me or attended one of my networking events or seminars knows that I am passionate about encouraging women to create ” authentic connections” with the people they meet and to become empowered through the connections they make.  The time has come now to step this up and start creating “Conscious Connections in business”.

    We are all aware that our world is made up of energy, that we are made up of energy and that our thoughts have energy. The Law of Attraction tells us that “what we put out there we will get back” and we know that the energy that our thoughts carry create our reality. True or true? So if we believe we are energetic beings then we know that everyone else is too and that as members of this universe we share the same energy with everyone around us. 

    Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection, negative or positive? This is the type of energy I am talking about. So doesn’t it make sense that instead of running around your life bumping unconsciously into people and connecting on a superficial level, that you harness this shared energy and create connections from a consciousness that will deepen your friendships, strengthen your business relationships and grow your businesses to a whole new level? I believe so. 

    Creating conscious connections doesn’t mean you scan the room and decide on a potential prospect based on their status, credentials or fame, that feels mercenary doesn’t it? “Creating conscious connections means” tapping into the energy within you and sending that energetic vibration out to others and those that match your vibration will be the right person for you to connect with”.  For example have you ever had a day where you were cranky, negative and fed up and then spent the whole day clashing with everyone you met, your partner, kids, the traffic and everyone you tried to do business with? Yes?? Ever had a day where you felt on top of the world, full of love and joy and everyone you met that day and every experience you had that day was pleasant, easy and happy? This is what our energy creates, we feel it, we send it out into the universe and it finds someone else whose energy is the same vibration and bang we come together. Positively or negatively.

    So do you want to learn how to harness this and act more consciously so that when you spend time with people your connections will be conscious and beneficial for you both? Sounds like a fun way to do business.

    Each month I bring together 100 or more entrepreneurial women to my networking events, women just like you who want to make a difference, to help others and build a successful, fulfilling and abundant business.  I bring them to you, they are a captive audience and through the relationships you form together the potential for incredible growth for all is so powerful!

    It is well known in business that before someone will do business with you they “need to know you, like you and trust you.” Just by attending our networking events there is this unspoken law that says “I trust you, I will do business with you or refer you to others”

    So when I my business coaching clients tell me they can’t find clients and don’t know where to find them I remind them as part of this network they have the potential to access 100’s of women each month. So do you, so start connecting with them. I bring you all together the rest is up to you!  When you attend a networking event it is not just you meeting a room full of people, it is your network meeting their networks. They may not all be your niche market but they do know your ideal clients.  So doesn’t it make sense that you connect consciously with these people right there in front of you and build relationships that will grow your business using the world’s oldest business tool “word of mouth?”.

    How to become more conscious in your connections;

    * be aware of your energy first, is it high, low, agitated, relaxed, giving

    *use your method of energy balancing (eg meditation, deep breathing, centering etc) to get connected to your heart first

    *when you meet someone, or hear them share their story or elevator speech, tap into your heart and “Feel” them

    *when you are about to work with a client, connect with them consciously, it will increase the power of your encounter ten fold

    * if you feel something, a spark, a tingle, a thought that says I need to speak to that person act on that feeling

    *it may not happen immediately or every time you do this exercise but with practice you will become stronger at this

    In each and every encounter of your life there are potential clients, the sporting groups you belong to, the clubs you belong to, the schools where your children go, your partners work colleagues, networking events and seminars you attend, there are clients everywhere just waiting to discover you.  If you just meet them on a superficial level and even when you are being authentic it is not enough.  Create conscious Connections with others and see the difference this brings to all your relationships, personal and professional.

     In these modern times, we are instantly and globally connected in seconds. I am the first to admit that at times the interactions I have with others is reduced to a split second text, email, social media post or private message.  What a brilliant tool to expand your networks, BUT what about the human contact?? IT is a medical fact that human beings THRIVE on human to human contact- not superficial and virtual ones.

    Remember when you do anything from a “conscious awareness” the results will be even better than you imagined. How will you connect more personally this week with  others?

    International Stevie Awards for Women in Business

    X Natalie