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  • Top Tips for Business Success- Natalie McIvor

    Top Tips for Business success with Natalie McIvor



    What inspired you become an entrepreneur?”
     “Since I was a small child I have always been super busy! I have always loved the stimulation and variety of managing multiple tasks at once and the Macquarie dictionary definition of “Entrepreneur is” someone who organises and manages any enterprise”which suits me fine! Like most entrepreneurs I started my own business because I couldn’t find what I was looking for out there, a community of supportive women. I guess I am the type of woman that just gets in there and gets it done if I can’t find it elsewhere.”

    What were some of your initial challenges (eg getting your message out there, publicity, finding direction, finding clients, money, budgetting?)”
    Ha ha, everything!! Four years ago I didn’t even know the term “networking” let alone how to write a marketing plan or business plan and was terrified of social media.  Then I had to learn how to write and design a website with all the right funtionality(thaks to Wayne from for all his patience!!) I have had to learn how to do ever single part of my business including social media, blogging,press releases, marketing etc etc and through that reactive and stressful period of set up I also had to keep  on believing in ME and my ideas that was the hardest part!”

    What do you know now that you wish you knew back then?

    Mmm heaps! Everything! Especially how important it is to get clear on what you love doing, what you do well and what you can outsource. Dont’ try to do it all alone!”

    Why do you think NetConnect is always a huge success and why have you created this seminar series?
    Because it brings together a unique blend together of learning, socialising, connecting and promoting in a supportive and friendly environment. The speakers are chosen for their skills and qualifications in their preferred field and the tips they share are real life tips that you can implement easily into your business right now! There is always a buzz of excitement, inspiration and motivation in the air at a NetConnect seminar and the mini expo gives us a great chance to try products and services before we buy. Takes the facelssness out of advertising.”

    “What are your 3 top tips for creating a successful solo business ?”
    1. Clarity- be clear on what you are offering and your goals don’t let others sway you
    2. Connect-with other like minded women, find mentors, find your community, tribe or netowrk to belong to
    3. Contributebe generous, support others whenever you can
    What satisfies you most  about owning  your own small business?”
     “The freedom to create what’s in my heart, the variety of roles I play, being able to drop everything and put my family first. The women I meet,  I would not be who I am today without each and everyone of the women who have been part of my business, I am eternally grateful for each woman what a gift they are!

    Would you ever give it up? your own business? could you?

    No….. No….. No….. I will just keep evolving, growing and reinventing myself through my business every year.”
     You can meet Natalie at the NetConnect seminar 15th March book your ticket here
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