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  • Top Tips for Business Success- Janine Hall

    Top Tips for Business Success with Janine Hall


    Name                      Janine Hall
    Business Name   More Than Skin Deep
     Website Details
    Interview with Jaine Hall from More than Skin Deep
    What inspired you become an entrepreneur?”

    “I honestly think it is in my blood, my brain is very creative and feels stifled at the usual 9-5 humdrum.I have driven myself nuts over the years, but as I mature I have learnt to except this as part of my DNA.I think I started when I was a young girl, one of my earliest memories of “Entrepreneurship”….. I was about 9 or 10 and my friend and I decided to put on a concert, we sold tickets for $2 each and did a performance (in our orange crocheted bikinis) Ohh… did I mention all the boys in the neighbourhood bought tickets. Neighbours and friends came and it was a great afternoon – We made about $20-$30…”


    What were some of your initial challenges (eg getting your message out there, publicity, finding direction, finding clients, money, budgetting?)”
    Publicity is one of the hardest things to master and I think I lost $100’s if not $1000’s) on doing the wrong thing. When you first start especially when you offer a service and perhaps a luxury one at that, it can be a challenge… but within I would say maybe 3 years I had learnt to retain clients and getting them rebooking before they left.”


    “What do you know now that you wish you knew back then?
    Wow…. Wow…. Wow this is a biggy…. – that sometimes bigger is not always better. Don’t take on everything as you are only 1 person and that’s ok. Don’t be at the mercy of others, be your own boss. Choose something out of all the things you may enjoy and love to do, and make that one thing your focus”
    Why do you think NetConnect is always a huge success and why have you agreed to be involved?
    I love the NetConnect seminar, it’s fantastic – unlike a lunch or brunch you tend to have a lot more time to “connect” and get to know others.
    The speakers always manage to teach me something, and I come away with more knowledge and understanding of other people and what makes their heart’s sing.
    I like having a trade table as once again people can see, touch feel, and smell my products and try before they buy”, and if you put 45 odd women into a room, you are sure going to create some great energy, which is always fantastic!!!!!!

    “What are your 3 top tips for creating a successful solo business ?”

    1. Find Support – This to me is number 1, as you will get lost in your own thought’s of can and can’t do’s, beliefs and disbeliefs….. there is a whole world out there waiting to help you.
    2. Definitely find your one passion – that you just wouldn’t be you without, and stick to…… do not give up, change a few things if you find you have to but NEVER GIVE UP

    3. Take time out, don’t over do it, and relax and enjoy the journey, your business will continually evolve just like you…

    What satisfies you most  about owning  your own small business?”

    “It’s a confidence thing, watching someone emerge into them selves, kinda like a caterpillar to a butterfly.The smiles and thank you’s I get from clients who are genuinely happy with their new look, and knowing that they are doing it safely with good natural products  is a big thing for me.It’s also the diversity and different things that pop up everyday.Creating, discovering and teaching things to my clients is also hugeI absolutely love what I do and what I have created!!!


    Would you ever give it up? your own business? could you?

    No….. No….. No….. I did take some time out, to think…… but I kept getting phone calls with customers tracking me down, wanting products…..”
    You can experience Janine’s commitment to creating natural, organic skin care products that will not harm your skin in person at the NetConnect seminar 15th March book your ticket here
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One Response to “Top Tips for Business Success- Janine Hall”

  1. Just loved your answers Janine, really thought out and you are a special soul, who always seems to make the right comment at the right time. I particularly liked – “Don’t take on everything as you are only 1 person and that’s ok. Don’t be at the mercy of others, be your own boss. Choose something out of all the things you may enjoy and love to do, and make that one thing your focus”

    Good on you. Blessings Annie Clark.

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