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    How do you behave at networking events? Are you focused and determined to meet everyone in the room or do you take the time to connect more consciously with others?

    If you think Networking is about racing around a room full of people thrusting your business cards in their face, eating lunch then sitting at the office waiting for the phone to ring…. you have got it all wrong.Networking is never about YOU! It is always about what YOU can do for OTHERS!!! and like all social encounters there are “rules of etiquette” that begin before you even arrive at the event.

    Pre Event

    1. book your ticket early and advise if you are unable to attend with plenty of notice

    2. advise the host of any diet needs

    3. share the invitation with others via email and social media, add post or comment to the event’s page

    4. do a little research on the Network and the speakers

    5. connect with the host through social media and/or email/phone to introduce yourself

    6. be on time- allow time for parking

    At the Event

    1. introduce yourself to the host

    2. if offering a lucky door prize deliver this as you register

    3. find your seat and introduce yourself to the guests at your table

    4. ASK others to share their story, info, business card etc

    5. contribute to others within your network, what can you do for them??

    5. be a good listener, interesting talker and be truly interested in those around you

    6. invite others to take your card don’t thrust it upon them

    7. remember to take your business cards home with you – leftover cards will end up in the rubbish!

    8. be genuine! and authentic, no use pretending you are not who or what you say you are

    9 be willing to share tips and strategies with others

    Post Event

    1. if you loved the event tell others and leave a positive comment on the event’s social media page

    2. book your ticket to their next event early

    3. respect the details of the contacts that you have met at the event, do not give those contacts out to others unless referring their services

    4. be  a referrer, the best way to contribute to others is to refer their services

    5. support your network and it’s members wherever you can, word of mouth is still THE best marketing

    6. connect with the guests you have met  through email or phone eg “Hi Jane nice to meet you at xz networking events this week I would love to meet with you to discuss, bla bla”

    7. DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY ADD THEM to your newsletter mailouts, send them an email inviting them to subscribe

    8. if you are interested in being a speaker, sponsor or member of that network then find out what is involved

    9. STAY connected and supportive of your network.  It may seem very social to be buzzing from one event to the next, however at the end of the month you may just end up with just a whole stack of pretty business cards.  When you take the time to Connect with others on a deeper more conscious level, you will be astounded at the professional and personal growth and benefits that you will achieve.

    We all know people- people we live with, play with, work with and shop with and we walk around with this little ” internal network” in our heads. So that means when you are attending a networking event it is never about you meeting a room full of people , it is about you meeting the “internal networks” of all those people in the room. You won’t know those people and the only way you can connect with them is by connecting with that person right there! Now that is huge potential for business growth right there!

    Imagine a room full of business women who have set their intention to be authentic and genuine and are willing to contribute to you and your business no strings attached! Imagine the power in that room, imagine if everyone woman there was contributing to the others, giving freely of her time and energy, just imagine what you will receive from those 50 or so women?

    Join us at an Enlightened Goddesses event soon and you will know exactly how that feels.

    goddesses@lunch and brunch events now in Coolum, Caloundra, Cooroy and Mooloolaba

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